File Inspector

The universal evaluation software for the display of measural series in numbers and graphs

File Inspector allows displaying up to three different diagramms from any numer of streams of data (with a maximum of six different dimensions). A display of the measured values as a list is also possible.

Single points and/or time ranges can be corrected using the integrated calculation function including an option for free formula entry; therefore zero point, linear or time offsets can be edited and corrected.

The comfortable flow calculation uses either profile matrices (many standard profiles are available and extra profiles can be created individually) or Prandtl-Colebrook´s formula for the calculation of flow; the calculated flow rates are the basis for extracting sum values, minimum and maximum values and average values.

Not only does the FileInspector offer functions for the list evaluation of storm and overflow events as well as slack flow incidents; also, there are statistic functions that enbable reading out i.e. sum hydrographs and histograms as well as totals of intervals for any period of time and list of events, thus facilitating the evaluation of precipitation series.

For the analysis of pump signals, switching points, running times and performance of the pumps can be calculated.

For the data exchange with other software, any number of data streams can be exportet as a csv-file. Furthermore, ASCII-files can be imported freely configurable.

Optional additional modules:

The supplementary module „Dry Weather Analysis“ has been specifically developed for the detection and evaluation of extraneous water; days of dry weather can comfortably be overlayed and the average day of dry weather readout per month or for a chosen period of time. Furthermore, minimum night values on dry weather days are are documented (time and value).

Optional display in the x/y-form allows the determination of dependencies between values, such as v/h or Q/h. Thus, equalization functions can be determined and the consistency of the data can be checked.

More modules (export to HYSTEM/EXTRAN, import and export of further formats, i.e. uvf, dyna and more) are available.

We are happy to programme further individual functions for you!