The optical measuring system for determining and logging the water level using a patented image processing method

The GaugeKeeper is an optical measuring system for water level measurements. The measurements are performed by an innovative and patented image processing method. The novel measuring principle of the GaugeKeeper constitutes a completely new approach for data acquisition.

The GaugeKeeper consists of an HD-camera, the corresponding illumination, a data logger and a GSM / GPRS – modem. This enables the wireless transmission of the digitalized measuring values as well as the current images of the HD-camera. On-site supervisions for the verification of the measuring values therefore become obsolete.

The low energy consumption enables a stand-alone power supply using a 12 V battery or a solar module. This also makes a quasi-online-mode, i.e. 1 minute measuring interval at a 10 minute data transmission interval, possible.

The intelligent alarm management can be programmed for the over- or underrun of threshold values and notifies the user via SMS and/or e-mail.