LogCom-2 / FlashCom-2

The compact data communication system


Hydrometry and Meteorology

Monitoring of rainwater retention basins

Water level monitoring at outlet channels

Groundwater level monitoring

Monitoring of water quality

The LogCom-2 / FlashCom-2 is a compact data communication system for the monitoring of rainwater retention basins, outlet channels and groundwater levels.

All electronic components are integrated into the housing cover which leads to a compact design. Additionally, the devices can easily be mounted on level pipes.

LogCom and FlashCom differ in their energy management while both variants ensure a high lifetime and thus low maintenance costs:

  • LogCom-2: A battery is connected to the logger via a waterproof plug connection.
  • FlashCom-2:  The logger is supplied by a solar cell.


Both systems offer numerous possibilities of alarming in case of a limit exceedance or lower deviation. Additionally, an optional bluetooth interface can be included.

Besides the mere water-level measuring, it is also possible to connect sensors für velocity and water quality measurements.