The battery-operated modem for direct docking with the UFO-Ex or the Kanalagent-II.

The GSM / GPRS Modem-Ex can be connected directly to the Kanalagent-II and the UFO-Ex, the W.A.S. systems for the measurement of water-level and flow. Thus, a secure and economic data transfer to the WASDatenportal is facilitated. Alternatively, the data can be pusehd to a FTP-server.

The rechargeable battery – which can easily be changed – enables operation autonomy without external power supply directly within explosion-risk areas; also, assembly in existing structures or buildings is easily possible without extensive reconstructions.  

A warning function (alarm via short message or fax in the case of limit value exceedance) can be activated.

Application: Wastewater sector

Limit value monitoring

monitoring of stormwater tanks and overflows

temporary water level discharge measurements in the sewer network

mobile flow rate measurements

extraneous water determination

heat potential measurement