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The W.A.S. GmbH is one of the leading companies in the field of hydrometric measurements of water surface elevation and volumetric discharge.

Founded in 1985, it has been our constant desire and driving force to innovate, improve and alleviate processes of recording and analysing measurement readings.

Almost 30 years of research, development and fabrication as well as daily practical application have helped us to turn into one of the biggest service providers in this field. More than 22,000 months of recording measurement readings say it all. It is no wonder our renowned customers from the industry and technical engineering offices as well as water and sewage boards trust in our experience.

We have developed the first fully electronic and battery-operated system for the measurement of water stage in canalization and groundwater, called MDS I, during our first year of establishment. From an early stage on we have thus not only been able to measure actual states of water stages, but also to hydraulically calibrate calculation models. 

By now the MDS is in its fifth product generation and being used by us in the whole field of water and sewage affairs as well as in meteorology. We are also using this effective technology for UFO-Ex, our ultrasonic measuring system of flow rates and the Kanalagent-II, which is our modern system for the measurement of water stage. Additionally we have developed new ways of network-independent communication and visualization of data in explosion-risk areas.

Together with our partners, we have been developing a newly, cloud-based SCADA-system within the innovation project SIVIKO-SCADA.



Since the foundation of the company we have carried out more than 2.500 field campaigns in Germany and abroad.

We carry out ventures ranging from temporary  projects including only few measurement devices to longterm projects with permanent measurement and data evaluation using more than 100 parallely working units.

Our thorough knowledge about the hydraulic interactions within drainage systems form an important basis for planning, operating and monitoring  duct systems, sewage plants  and other bodies of water.

Our employees combine this knowledge with high skills in electrical engineering. Therefore we can provide a comprehensive service including not only handling but also  developing and producing measurement devices.

The qualified use of our measurement devices guarantees high quality of data and therefore helps minimalize your expenses and save the environment. 

We have been a officially recognized inspection entity for flow measurements in accordance with the Hessian self-monitoring ordinance (EKVO Hessen) since 1996. From 2006 on we have also been recognized as an inspection entity for flow-measurement devices according to the self-monitoring ordinances covering communal sewage conduits (SüwV-kom NRW). 

Alltogether we have examined about 2.000 flow-measurement devices and 5.000 throttling devicesin duct systems. 



Customer satisfaction has always been our first priority and is being ensured by our well-practised and time-proven team – Be it a simple standard measurement procedure or a complex task. Quick decision taking and autonomy allow us to react fast and straightforwardly to individual demands.