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…the reliable solution for continuous measurement of water level, temperature and conductivity in ground and surface water!


Hydrometry and Meteorology

Surveillance of ground water measuring points, pumping tests, construction sites and surface water levels


 The high-grade steel case, that is water pressure-tight, guarantees high chemical resistance – even in an aggressive environment; suitable for installation in pipes from 1″ diameter and flexible due to a suspension device that fits current shutters for monitoring wells of any size.

The exchangeable lithium battery ensures a long durability (typically 10 years/ 60-min intervals).

While the integrated watch dog function makes for high reliability, a flash memory ensures high data security, even when cut off from energy supply.

The solid and long-term stable ceramic pressure sensor guarantees reliable and precise measurement data; available for variable ranges (1 bar, 2 bar etc.)

By connecting the SlimCom-Modem , a long-range data transfer can be realized.

As a sales partner of the Seba Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG, we also offer you a complete portfolio of measuring and surveillance systems for the water supply and distribution.