Kanalagent-II with Modem-Ex

The battery-operated system for the mobile measurement of water-levels in combination with the battery-operated modem for the wireless data transfer.

The Kanalagent-II (Type /S) is a flexibly applicable system for the measurement of water-levels in sewers and rainwater overflow tanks.

The durable lithium battery allows operation autonomy without any external power supply in explosion-risk areas as well as reliable longterm data recording without need for external procedures (typically up to 10 years, depending on measuring rate and frequency of read-out cycles.)

Handling and controlling of functions and measured values is possible via an integrated keypad and a LCD-display.

The device can be controlled and parameterized remotely when combined with a GSM / GPRS Modem. Measured values can be wirelessly read and directly transmitted, for example to the WASDatenportal.

A warning function (alarm via short message or fax in the case of limit value exceedance) can be set up.

Furthermore, the programmes WBedien (software for operating the system and reading out data)  and FileInspector (analysis software) are at your disposal. An extra signal output allows to actuate a sampler.

The Kanalagent-II (Type /M) is also designed for the connection of additional pressure and temperature sensors.